What do I do about the fleas bits that I have? I'm getting bit up aas much as my dogs, I have done the dawn bathes for them, sprayed my yard, linens,

You have 4 possibly 6 choices:

1] Stay where you are, continue doing the things which you discovered don't work very well - if at all - and continue to suffer.

2] Go to an exterminator. Buy AND USE some of those do-it-yourself chemicals and bombs.

3] Hire an exterminator to come in and properly do the job which you KNOW needs to be done. That exterminator will come back on a regular basis.

3A] To keep the fleas at a minimum, call your vet. Ask about the medications and insecticides he/she uses in the kennels and pet-boarding areas.

4] Move and take the fleas with you. At your new residence they will continue breeding and irritating you.

It seems as though you are VERY attached to your pets. There is another option which I won't even mention.

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