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We commit close to one/3 of our lives in mattress. Because we invest so significantly of our lives sleeping on our mattresses we must make certain that they are as wholesome as attainable.
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Regrettably there are no federal government companies out there telling the real truth about mattress protection and health. It is up to knowledgeable citizens to get the word out amongst themselves.

Why Is your Memory Foam Mattress Poisonous?
The easy reply is that memory foam is made of urethane foam (a petroleum product) which emits volatile organic and natural compounds (voc) from the time it is produced to the time it is tossed in the landfill. This approach is generally referred to as mattress off gassing or sometimes out gassing. If this seems unusual to you just think about how a new automobile smells. That odor is developed by all the new plastic areas and all the foam seat cushioning and many others.

I know we all really like that new automobile scent but it is off gassing and it is not good for you. I digress.

These off gassing VOCs are absolutely nothing much more than unstable substances which evaporate off the area of any variety of house products. Frequent sources of VOCs are paints, furniture created of created wood, cushions, plastic items, and a lot of more.

How Are Memory Foam Mattresses Poor For Your Wellness

These VOCs are not all the very same it is type of a group of compounds that are all risky. Some are much more dangerous than other folks. That getting explained you want to stay away from all VOCs if achievable. Lab tests have demonstrated some of these substances to lead to allergic reaction, asthma, higher respiratory discomfort, and other well being issues.

One of the most obvious signs of sleeping on a toxic memory foam mattress is obtaining a headache. This most often happens when the memory foam mattress is new, due to the fact new mattresses launch much more VOCs than previous mattresses.

Which Memory Foam Mattresses Are Non-Harmful
Sadly all memory foam mattresses are produced out of the identical stuff. The recipe changes a bit from company to company but they have the exact same uncooked resources and they all off fuel poisonous substances. So to response the question from the title of this article "Is your memory foam mattress toxic," yes your memory foam mattress is poisonous.

What Mattress Sorts Are Non-Harmful
Extremely few mattresses made these days are free of urethane foam. Innerspring mattresses, air mattresses, and even water beds frequently have 1 or a lot of layers of urethane foam will off fuel harmful chemical substances. The only mattress kind that is free of charge of off gassing materials is one hundred% natural latex foam. These mattresses if created of pure latex foam will not off fuel at all.