Coming to consoles and PC football game

Do you play in FIFA 16 probably with the Stuttgarter Kickers and Holstein Kiel? EA could in future incorporate the 3. Liga into play. Producer Sebastian Enrique can hinted that the publisher could acquire the relevant licenses.For many gamers, the licenses are a crucial selling point when it comes to the question: "FIFA or PES?" Original name of players and officials leagues strengthen during gaming feel to be even closer to Buy Fifa 16 Coins  the football experience, feel the fans really watching television or at the stadium.EA offers in FIFA 16 the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. Perhaps there will be added the 3. Liga. EA producer Sebastian Enrique appears open to the idea. "It's like any other league.

If it were me, I would grab any league in the world into play," says Enrique the kicker.FIFA 16 with 3. Liga? EA increased pressure to license Team"I've always, you get more'm pushing our licensing team. I can not promise anything but it's on our list of things that our community wants," he continues. EA therefore registered the interest of the German fans to see the 3. Liga also in FIFA 16 and upcoming titles.It remains to be seen whether the publisher purchases the licenses of the DFB. A month before release will introduce the 3rd League in FIFA 16, however, tends to be unlikely. Finally, EA would certainly apply such an offer sooner and make you palatable wollen.Vielleicht sets Electronic Arts but still a surprise.

Coming to consoles and PC football game FIFA 16 finally comes to mobile platforms.The expected explanation came from Electronic Arts. FIFA 16 was announced as the future of the mobile platform as the other games in the series. So, this year, the mobile version of FIFA 16 will be very different and mobile players noted that they will offer a unique experience FIFA 16. According to the information transfer EA's FIFA 16 Mobile; joy after scoring the property, renovated in quality from start to finish Ultimate Team console section, better artificial intelligence, graphics and animation and will have a mobile-specific Ultimate Team card sales.Coming on September 22FIFA 16 Mobile, a free App Store and will take place on September 22 in the Google Play Store. FIFA 16 does not have any information to indicate that's coming version of Fifa 16 Coins  Windows Phone.