Autostereoscopic 3d display on Multiview Change Technique

Autostereoscopic 3d display on Multiview Transformation Technologies

Multiview Alteration definitely is the actual key for the Autostereoscopic 3D flat-panel technique.?The actual technological advantages along with the particular multi-view for some individuals, multi-angle viewing?And as a result, concerning the particular sizeable scale with the particular Autostereoscopic 3D display, introducing the Autostereoscopic 3D TV, movies, LED display, and the like., working with the particular multi-view-chip technique will be far more helpful

The elements associated with the actual two which visits three-dimensional video content has turn into an industry standard, CCXM. started CCXMT301 chip is capable of doing real-time single-view / dual-view content to multi-view movie alteration and therefore handling signals, easy compatibility with existing television arena standards with out any kind of auxiliary software and also apparatus to acquire this

From your Autostereoscopic 3D display technologies growth, terrific multi-view is considered to be a display screen techniques route.?Without a doubt, the superb multi-view display screen technique additionally needs to end up being along with the actual Lcd display grating, but the ongoing major home-based Live view screen grating 8 and furthermore 9 point of view, and so at this point the Autostereoscopic Three-dimensional processor chip is considered to be for the most part in this see signal range.?CCXM Industry witout a doubt own this technical total capacity, we can accomplish 35 views, or really a lot more.

Autostereoscopic 3d display