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Recycled Silk yarn is undoubtedly the most unique yarn you will ever encounter. Silk thrums from India weaving mills are hand spun by woman cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins. Using their traditional skills they are able to create vibrant, textured yarn in an endless array of color ways. Each recycled silk skein is hand spun creating natural inconsistencies and unusual textures which make any project, no matter how in design, instantly charming and unique.

If you compare yarns to vacations; then most yarns are like standard packaged holidays to the usual tourist destinations. Hand spun sari yarns are like a trek on foot through our delightful small villages, experiencing the authentic experiences of people

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We manufacture the finest yarns available, direct from Nepal. The colors are vibrant and evenly spun. It is without a doubt the most lovely sari silk yarn available.