Consumer Court

The main function of the Consumer Court is to maintain fair practices by the sellers towards consumers. It is the special purpose court, which deals with cases regarding consumer disputes and grievances. This judiciary set ups by the government is to protect the consumer rights.


We all can be a victim as every one of us is a consumer. Consumer complaint can be filed for any product or service taken after paying to merchant, establishment, insurance company, credit card Company etc. There are District Forums, State and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission respectively to provide inexpensive and speedy redressal of consumer disputes .

There is no need of taking a lawyer; instead you can be a lawyer of yourself. Only you need to a file case in nearby consumer court.  You can file it in your local language. Consumer court fee is hundred rupees, working hours of the court is 10AM to 5PM. First hearing will be after 1 month of submitting the complaint. Generally it is settled within 2-3 hearings. Subsequent hearing may be at different locations but will be in the same city.

You can get more information about Consumer Court in the above mentioned link.