It’s a‘She’world


Gone are the days when men used to have control over every aspect of women's lives. It’s a new generation and women’s are at equal status quo with men. The rules are slightly different in the world of dating where nowadays it’s a she world. Women nowadays are smart enough and knows as to who can be a perfect date. In the recent times are coming a breed of women so smart that it's becoming tougher for the men's side to handle and, so to say “ too hot to handle” is a reality now. The men are from Mars and women are from Venus theory is not valid anymore. The rules have changed and now they want more.

Online dating sites like C-Date and Ashley Madison have reported the increasing number of women users day by day. Women are using the  chat  feature of the sites to scout for the probable candidates. Amidst the common dating users are women that are Cougars, now what are cougars well it represents those categories of women who are looking for partners much younger to their age for having physical relations. Initially the term Cougar was used for women in 40s but now it's used for anybody fulfilling the above condition. The “Cougar phenomenon”as sometimes it's called; is many a times associated with celebrities such as Madonna and Demi Moore.

According to a recent study by a British scientists claimed that in reality the “cougar phenomenon” does not exist naturally and the study found out that most men would prefer younger, physically attractive women, while most women, of any age, prefer successful, established men their age or older. Very few instances were found of older women pursuing younger men and vice versa. Whatever the study concluded, but the spirit of cougar’ism thrives, and we have no way of knowing that.

In the present scenario where each and every information can be obtained online women tend to study about various aspects of dating and are armed with wise advices of the peer community, so to impress a woman with cheap pickup lines and undue theatrics is becoming obsolete day by day. The only section happy in men is the average men who are real gentlemen as women tend to identify now as to who is sugarcoating and expressing fake interest and who genuinely wants to have a relationship. In short welcome to the ‘She’ world of dating.