How to Switch OLM File to MBOX Format

Were you wondering how you can switch your OLM files to MBOX format? Then you have come to the right place. Introducing the OLM Converter Pro. This tool is capable of migrating all you’re your Outlook Mac 2011 files to MBOX format while protecting your mail data from any kind of data loss or corruption. This tool also contains an exclusive feature that organizes all your MBOX exported files in the exact structure and format as they were before in the Outlook Mac Database. Most of other OLM Recovery tools are simply unable to do this for you, leaving you with the frustrating task  of organizing to yourself.


Try the demo version for free


The OLM Converter Pro gives you the chance to try your OLM to MBOX conversion for free in your own computer. Convert up to ten items from all your Outlook Mac Database folders and sub-folders to MBOX using this demo version and experience its conversion power first-hand! If you are satisfied with the results from the demo version, get your key and activate your OLM Converter Pro and start endless conversion of your OLM files to MBOX format. In addition, the OLM Converter Pro can handle the conversion of your Outlook Mac 2011 files to other mail applications including: Apple mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft entourage archive 2004/2008 and Postbox. The licensed version of the OLM Converter Pro comes with other lots of extra features, review some of them below:


  • OLM file to Microsoft entourage archive 2004/2008 – the OLM Converter Pro is able to handle conversion of OLM files to Microsoft entourage in a matter of minutes. As mentioned earlier, all your Microsoft entourage files that you have converted will be arranged in the original structure as they were before the recovery process.


  • Migrate all your mail data from OLM to Apple mail – if you need to view your OLM files in Apple mail, the OLM Converter Pro has you covered. With the help of its wizard and an easy to use interface, enjoy the mail data conversion process without worrying about loss to your mail data.


  • How to convert your OLM files to ELM file format – the ELM file system is compatible with specific mail application platforms only such as Apple mail and Thunderbird. The OLM Converter Pro efficiently converts your OLM files to ELM files format leaving behind none of your mail data content including Non-English content and email attachments.


  • Ensure the safety of your Non-English content with OLM Converter Pro – most OLM recovery tools are not designed to handle mail content that exist in Non-English format. In comparison, OLM Converter Pro easily migrates your English content to different file formats and mail platforms. Additionally, even your Non-English content that contain double-byte characters such as the Chinese and Japanese languages are securely converted from their OLM files to MBOX or any other applicable formats.


  • Recover all your email attachments – the OLM Converter was designed with the idea that there is nothing like an “attach-less” email. For this reason, this tool ensures that during the data conversion process, all your email attachment are not left behind, whether they are pictures, documents or any other kinds of file.