Arch to traumatism or even to the close breaking

In adjustment to assure the animal physique in the arch area, actual abounding types of helmet are accepted which are tailored to anniversary of their applications, such as, for example, aggressive helmets, helmets for the following of a action or leisure activity, such as benumbed caps, helmets for skiing/snowboarding, helmets for parachuting, helmets for the riders of two-wheeled vehicles, helmets for the drivers of four-wheeled cars or of ability boats, or helmets for preventing accidents at work wwith Outdoor wear.

Although these assorted types of helmet do assure the skull from the appulse of a projectile or from a shock, none of these provides able aegis adjoin the absolute aftereffect in the close breadth acquired by this projectile appulse or by this shock, which may be irreparable from Chinese outdoor wear company.

Consequently, the shock on these aggressive helmets fabricated of composites after-effects in an brusque movement of the arch in the administration of motion of the projectile, arch to traumatism or even to the close breaking.