Charter Bus Rental New York: What To Do In New York?

New York is a fascinating destination in the eastern coast of the country, offering a plethora of cool sites, attractions and points of interests that will surely make your travel experience a rewarding one. With all the bounding places and things that you can find here, rest assured that you’ll have lots of things to do once you get here. And with the aid of a Charter Bus Rental New York, you can roam around the city anytime of the day, giving you the opportunity to do the coolest things you can think of.

Central Park

This is an urban park which is found in the middle-upper Manhattan. It is also known as the most popular and most visited park in the United States. It is also one of the most favorite locations in terms of filming and movie-making made by many film authorities from different parts of the world. This park is actually opened in 1857 and covers 778 acres of land in the city. It is a perfect place where you can spend peace and tranquility in the bosom of nature.

Statue of Liberty

Standing on the Island of Liberty, this world-famous statue was actually a gift of France to the country to commemorate its freedom and democracy that the country has achieved more than a hundred years ago. Through the years, people who come to the shores of the country would often see this popular landmark, an icon that is truly world-class at its best.

Empire State Building

If you want to see the entire city at its best, the best way to do it is to go on a high place where you can have an excellent view of the city. You can make this happen by entering the Empire State Building and buy a ticket that allows you to reach the peak of the building and have the chance to view the magnificent and awesome city down below.

Times Square

Times Square is a primary commercial intersection in Midtown Manhattan specifically in the junction of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. It spans from the 42nd Street to 47th Street, allowing you to spend hours roaming around and window-shopping or buying something that you want to take home after your tour.

If you are looking forward to see many sites and places that made New York City a popular and world-class destination, find time to hire a Charter Bus Rental New York for your city tour soon!

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