Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS3 & Xbox 360 Missing Theater Mode, Require 8GB Update


Updating their particular FAQ for your $49.99 USD PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions associated with Contact regarding Duty: Black Ops 3, Activision confirmed much more features that is planning to be lacking in the wedding you pick up on last-gen.

Developed by Beenox along with Mercenary Technology, we just about all know Black Ops three in PS3/360 wont add a campaign, concentrating just in multiplayer and Zombies. According to Activision, you could expect anywhere from 30-60 frames-per-second when playing online:

The multiplayer mode on PS3 and xbox 360 will scale among 30- 60fps, even however the frame rate inside Zombies mode is actually 30fps.

While the particular PS3/360 versions of Black Ops 3 will are the all-new Specialist class involving 9 Black Ops soldiers, anyone wont be viewing these features:

Game performance as well as features will change by platform.For example, features built to become able to leverage the subsequent generation hardware just like the new Weapon Paint Look and the new suite involving eSports tools, which includes CODCasting as well as Theater will only be around in call regarding Duty: Black Ops three regarding R4 3DS for Nintendo 3DS/DSi , Xbox One, and PC.

In regards to space, Black Ops three requires an 8GB update, using the totally free download copy. For further information information on Nintendo 3DS,please go through substance covered right here ,which is primarily based on the issue matter with PlayStation.associated with Contact of Duty: Black Ops taking up 20GB:

PS3 customers will need 16 GB regarding space regarding storage to become able to download Contact associated with Duty: Black Ops III update, which include 8 GB for the first download as well as eight GB with regard to installation. Upon installation, the game will demand 8 GB of space with regard to storage about PS3. R4 3DS for Nintendo customers will require eight GB regarding space with regard to download along with installation.

In order for you to download the particular original Black Ops, PS3 customers must have 40 GB of obtainable storage space. the Gateway 3DS for Nintendo 3DS version of the original Black Ops requires 20 GB associated with space for download as well as 20 GB regarding room pertaining to installation. As Quickly As the game continues in order to be installed, the actual original Black Ops will only use 20 GB regarding space upon PS3. Make reference to the talks in regards to Nintendo 3DS,The significant Nintendo3DS investigating 360 customers will only want 7 GB of space with regard to storage to download your original Black Ops.

The totally free copy involving Black Ops can be limited to whilst provides last, and will expire about physical disc replicates simply by Could 6, 2017.

In regards to post-launch support, Black Ops three on last-gen wont add a Season Pass. Activision adds, Availability of human DLC packs regarding PlayStation three along with xbox 360 platforms might vary. A Lot More information will probably be announced at a later on date.

Call involving Duty: Black Ops 3 launches about November 6 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and also PC.

[Source: Contact associated with Duty Neighborhood by approach of Charlie Intel]