The elevator empty self-support is constructed of aluminum

With the installation of an FUJI elevator in a house is the amount of space needed, not to mention costly infrastructure and maintenance problems and the immense problems and costs associated with any modernization. Now, a new type of lift developed in Argentina looks set to revolutionize the market of residential elevator, making elevators affordable for everyone.

The elevator empty self-support is constructed of aluminum and polycarbonate and only takes a few hours to install. Unlike previous lifts, the new lift is completely freestanding, extremely lightweight, has a footprint of one square metr e and requires no excavation pit or well, it can be adapted to any type of two or three-storey building at a fraction of the cost of a normal buy elevator.

The vacuum pneumatic residential elevator can be a little hard to watch the first time you see it - the cage is transparent and there is obviously no cables supporting the elevator car, so it seems distinctly like something from Star Trek, running on some advanced levitation principle.