Lott Community Home Health Care

1261 5th Ave,New York.NY,10029,

(212) 534-6464


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Lott Community Home Health Care is a not-for-profit
organization providing senior home care to those in need. Serving the New York
City boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx, the center's at home healthcare services allow patients
to be in the comfort of their own homes while receiving quality healthcare. A visiting
nurse service is proven to be extremely effective for people transitioning from
a facility back home or simply when someone needs to be frequently monitored
by a compassionate professional.
The staff at Lott
Community Home Health Care are some of the best home care professionals in the area.
They’re knowledgeable and experienced and exceed the expectations made not
only by the industry, but by Lott Community Home Health Care as well. The staff
forms a relationship with their patients so that one feels they’re receiving
healthcare not from a nurse, but from a friend.
    Here are just some of the services that Lott Community Home
Health Care provides:
Physical Therapy    
Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care    
Wound Care    
Occupational Therapy    
Speech & Language Therapy    
Medication Management    
Home Safety & Fall Reduction    
Personal Emergency Response System    
Diabetic Care & Management    
Catheter Care    
Stroke Management & Rehabilitation    
Heart Failure Management
    Lott Community Home Health Care likes to work with its clients to get
them affordable healthcare without sacrificing quality. So if you
or a loved one needs at-home healthcare from a skilled and compassionate professional,
give the most trusted name in New York City a call. Visit the company
    online or call (212) 534-6464. There’s nothing more important to our loved ones
than their health, so reach out today to give them the care they deserve.