sky3ds support 3DS /New3DS v10.2.0-28

R4 3ds, Sky3ds and the new card Dstwo Plus, do you wonder which one cracks 3ds 10.2? Which one supports homebrews on 10.2 firmware? And which one pirates Nintendo 3ds/ds games on 10.2.0-28? If you want to know the 3 cards before purchase one of them, this post you must read.
Which flashcart cracks 3ds 10.2, R4, Sky3ds or Dstwo Plus?

All the 3 ones can be used on 3ds/3ds xl console with 10.2.0-28 OS. Sky3ds and Dstwo Plus are 2 single flashcarts. But R4 card is a group. R4i god 3ds, R4i sdhc rts, R4i gold pro 2015, R4i dual core 2015, R4i silver rts lite 2015, r4i snoopy 2015, r4i gold eu 3ds and even Ace3ds plus are belonging to this type. They are with similar clone wood kernel, if one works on 3ds 10.2 with the current firmware, the other items are no need for testing again! The best of them is R4I SDHC RTS 3DS.

Sky3ds supports 3DS game on 10.2.0-28

Sky3ds supports 3ds games on 3ds 10.2,10.1,10.0 and nearly all lower 3ds firmwares. Not like other 3ds flashcarts or cfws are being blocked by 3ds 9.3, Sky3ds run multi-3ds roms on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds without system limitation. That's the reason why you ony can buy it to play downloaded 3ds games freely. The card is in the second version with blue button, when you install it on 3ds 10.2, you can play Hundreds of 3ds games, access Nintendo eshop, download DLC, play online and do anthing things as like you are using a retail game card. Sky3ds is also easy to use, no need for extra booting 3ds steps. You download the essential tools Sky3ds diskwriter and template file, write 3ds roms through the diskwriter on a PC, then put the sd card which with 3ds roms,diskwriter and template file into sky3ds. The installation is finished by now. Once again, want to play multiple 3ds games in one card on 3ds 10.2? Buy Sky3ds card is enough for you!

sky3ds card