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Liv knew she would die because of Kai, but Tyler didn't should. She tried to steer him to trigger the werewolf curse. She requested them each to promise to keep diaries of all the good stuff of their lives so she might read it all when she awoke. Only if I were to die after which wake up as a new life on this earth again, I might cry even harder. Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see the present sort out what occurs when you're immortal and the folks around you start to die. The show's not lower but, so by the point I'm accomplished with it, it might not, however at present it does,” she informed EW.

The die is particularly manufactured for counter-stress cutting, with a matrix of plastic or aluminium contained in the die. The material is placed in entrance of the matrix and is held vertical for stabilizing when the hydraulic pressure of the ram pushes the fabric by way of the die. He's the POV character from the beginning, the diaries” are his that he writes into (though she writes in diaries as properly), and its him discovering Elena and them falling in love that the show is about. Stefan's diary was round too and came into play as soon as they found his ripper diaries as nicely.