Nebraskas Heisman hero

Like many Heisman Trophy winners before him, Eric Crouch has learned stardom in the college ranks isn't a guaranteed ticket to professional football fame and fortune.

Crouch, from Nebraska, was voted one of the most fantastic school player in 2001. Dig up more on a partner web site by clicking The Cornhuskers have produced many bad greats but, by the time Crouch left the school, the quarterback had surpassed them all, leaving a trail of new records in the NU books. Among other peaks, he's the NU career total offense leader (7,915 yards), contains the record for most career rushing yards by a quarterback, simple sport total offense record (360 yards), may be the touchdown leader (88), and set an NCAA record for most career rushing TDs by a quarterback (59).

After trials using the Rams, Chiefs and Packers, the NFL consensus was accepted by Eric he lacked measurement at quarterback and was sent packing to NFL Europe for the 2005 season as a safety. He didnt agree. Moving down from glory is spectacular pill to swallow.

Eric Crouch wants to be considered a professional quarterback.

The Canadian Football League is giving him that chance. H-e amazed the Toronto Argonaunts enough during an off season trial, hell come to camp with a complete opportunity at copying beginning Damon Allen. Visiting ca-nvlaw certainly provides suggestions you can give to your father.

Nebraskas star isnt the first quarterback of note to have his career in gear playing in the CFL. Wally Moon involves mind. The Argonauts them-selves have had Joe Theisman and 1984 Heisman Trophy earning Doug Flutie at the helm in the past. Eric Crouch isnt also the first Nebraska Heisman champion to obtain his set up north. I found out about by searching the Internet. Johnny Rodgers was a first-round draft pick in 1973 but h-e refused Hillcrest and only Montreal.

Who knows? If things go well for Eric Crouch up there in Toronto, he could never want to return..