The Little Gym Of Edina

8223 Highway 7,St. Louis Park,MN,55426,

united state

(952) 924-0083

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The Little Gym of Edina offers a variety of fun health and fitness activities for kids. It’s
important for children to maintain an active lifestyle, and there are plenty of
ways to do this while also having fun. With dance classes for kids, karate
classes for kids, and other family-friendly activities, The Little Gym strives
to provide an experience that kids between the ages of four months and 12 years
will consistently enjoy.The dedicated instructors at The Little Gym help your child
learn new things and build self-confidence with progressively structured
classes in a positive learning environment.The kids’ gymnastics center has 35
years of experience promoting fun and fitness through their Three-Dimensional
Learning model, consisting of three different categories:Get
Moving! Children have seemingly unlimited energy, and the physical
activities offered at The Little Gym provide a great way to burn that energy
while also building flexibility, balance, strength, and agility.Brain
Boost! The exercises in this category focus on expanding your child’s mind
and developing a love of learning. This will help to improve cognitive abilities
such as decision making, concentration, and problem solving.Citizen
Kid! Activities in the Citizen Kid category teach important life skills
like sharing, listening, and working in a group. The Little Gym of
Edina is dedicated to giving your child valuable physical and mental
benefits while also allowing them to have exorbitant amounts of fun. Visit The
Little Gym online or call (952) 924-0083
for more information.