8 Unique Gifts Under $100 (PHOTOS)

Let's face it: this holiday season especially very few of us will be buy gifts without a budget.

In November retail sales edged up slightly, but consumers are still being dragged down by the tepid economy and are wary of overspending. As HuffPost's Amy Lee pointed out, Americans slowly turning away from credit cards, even as card companies target riskier borrowers. Consumers, it seems, are gradually ramping up their gift-giving.

With the frugal shopper in mind, we've gathered eight unique holiday gifts that can be had for less than $100. Which gifts will you be adding to your shopping list this year? Check out our list below:


Apple TV

Released in September, the second generation of Apple TV is a big step up from the previous version. The small, but powerful box lets you download HD new releases and watch Netflix movies and TV shows instantly. A single wire connects your TV to this small box of entertainment and even allows to you stream pictures and music from your computer to your television. Only $99 from Apple

Wireless Powermat

Wires are so passe. The Powermat, which charges most handheld devices via magnetic fields, is perfect for the frequent traveler wishing to leave the cords at home. Eliminate desperate searches for outlets while charging up to three devices at one time. $60 at powermat.com

The Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock

Lose the wires and the batteries. This water-powered clock will run for eight months with a one-time deposit of just 3.5 cups of water. The sleek clock with the clear digital face is the best way to wake up with an clean eco-conscience. $39 at Bedol's website.

Magellan SE4 Portable GPS

The thin Magellan SE4 PS Device's wide and colorful screen programed with six million points of interest. $80 at Target

Spy Video Camera Watch

Catch someone in the act, or have a camera handy for your next celebrity sighting. With a built-in camera, this otherwise ordinary watch, records video and audio and can also be used as a USB flash drive. Don't ever tell a "you had to be there" story again. $60 at ThinkGeek.com

NFL Football Universal Remote Control

Pass your your favorite football fan the NFL Football Universal Remote Control for Christmas and make the living room the perfect practice field. The remote works with most major TV brands. $25 at Macy's

Archos Handheld Android Internet Tablet

Can't afford the iPad? Android has a more price and travel convenient tablet for those who need to stay connected. The palm-size tablet has a 2.8-inch touch-screen with internet browsing and plenty of downloadable apps. $98 at J&R Electronics

Portable Mini Bar

The perfect gift for the sporadic party planner is the compact mini bar. This wood-finished mini bar is a table top when closed and a party for four when opened. Equipped with four cocktail glasses, four shot glasses and four coasters with swing-out doors that hold up to eight 50ml bottles, you'll never be caught unprepared. $70 at Brookstone