Why Operation Leadership?

In case you are gonna spend money on summer camp in your children, you'd like it is an existing. It's actually not that you have anything wrong with paddling a canoe on the pond, or roasting marshmallows, but summer recreational use really should be peripheral to the real goal of bands: enriching your life when preparing to undertake their dreams.

Operation Leadership will be the realization of your dream to bring elite leadership education and training to your ultimate summer camp experience. Many of definitely the memories are of weeks spent meeting new people, playing sports, hiking, swimming, hanging out campfires...most of the fun points that camp were forced to offer. But one of the best camps were those that had something extra.

All of the fun camp experiences were pieces that made camp more fulfilling- more complete. However i liked it when camp pushed me becoming a better Christ follower, or perhaps a better athlete, or possibly a better musician, a more rewarding speaker, a much better person, in addition to a better man.

It struck me recently that young people who check out college to become doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, coaches, accountants, entrepreneurs, etc., will more than likely get everything they must begin their career after college. Whatever they is likely to not get in college is what they must be truly successful... knowledge inside art and science of leadership.

- It is Operation Leadership -
The summertime camp experience you're awaiting

Leadership can be a specific number of concepts and skills. Leaders are usually not born. They can be raised, taught, mentored, coached, and developed. My dream would be to see exceptional young adults, who'll obtain degree in something apart from leadership, have the opportunity to generally be exposed to graduate level leadership skills development, be mentored by expert leaders, and enjoy the best adventure and excitement that concert has to offer, all for that price of a traditional summer camp.

Operation Leadership is growing out of that dream, through the help of my own, personal mentors plus a team of people focused on the prosperity of the next generation of world changing leaders. It's got grown to feature evening concerts, American heroes, and over-the-top adventures.

This really is camp for that driven, the motivated, those with feelings of purpose. It's the probability to be between other young adults by using these same traits, along with a group of adults who are focused on their success.

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Why Operation Leadership?
Why Operation Leadership?