Why Operation Leadership?

For anyone who is planning to invest in summer camp on your son or daughter, you would like so that it is a gift. It's not that there's anything wrong with paddling a canoe using a pond, or roasting marshmallows, but summer recreational use ought to be peripheral for the real aim of leadership: enriching your little one's life in preparation to try and do their dreams.

Operation Leadership is the realization of an dream to bring elite leadership education and training towards the ultimate summer camp experience. Lots of my personal favorite memories have weeks spent meeting new people, playing sports, hiking, swimming, hanging out campfires...each of the fun issues that camp was required to offer. But one of the best camps were the ones that had something extra.

All of the fun camp experiences were pieces that made camp more fulfilling- more complete. On the other hand liked it when camp pushed me as a better Christ follower, or perhaps a better athlete, or a better musician, a greater speaker, an even better person, along with a better son.

It struck me up until now that younger people who head to college to become doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, coaches, accountants, entrepreneurs, etc., will probably get everything they have to begin their career after college. Whatever they will probably not enter college is the thing that correctly truly successful... instruction in the science and art of leadership.

- This really is Operation Leadership -
Summer time camp experience you've been expecting

Leadership is really a specific number of concepts and skills. Leaders will not be born. They may be raised, taught, mentored, coached, and developed. My dream would be to see exceptional the younger generation, that will obtain degree in something besides leadership, be able to being confronted with graduate level leadership coaching, be mentored by expert leaders, and enjoy the best adventure and excitement that leadership seminar offers, all for the cost of a traditional camp.

Operation Leadership is growing out of that dream, by using my personal mentors plus a team of people dedicated to the achievements the next generation of world changing leaders. There are grown to feature evening concerts, American heroes, and over-the-top adventures.

It is camp for any driven, the motivated, people who have a sense of purpose. Oahu is the possibility to be between other youth with these same traits, as well as a team of adults that happen to be committed to their success.

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Why Operation Leadership?
Why Operation Leadership?