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When a principal has a single driver-bodyguard, this leaves the automobile unattended. It's a frustrating situation especially with the financial climate now we have at present that means British Bodyguards are shedding business from un-licenced close protection officers or bodyguards from overseas Simmonds says he would like to see extra monitoring and policing of this situation however within the meantime, those requiring a detailed protection officer or bodyguard ought to be vigilant about checking accreditation and licensing.

Elite is accredited by the largest awarding organisations within the UK to deliver Internationally recognised skills, we are proud to carry the UKAS Administration Awards Accreditation ISO 9001:08. The bodyguards may additionally produce other ballistic shields , akin to kevlar-strengthened briefcases or clipboards which, whereas appearing innocuous, can be utilized to guard the principal. The bodyguards can then pull again to watch his or her safety from an extra distance.

Bodyguards have to be bodily match, with good eyesight and listening to, and they should have a presentable look, particularly for shut safety work for dignitaries and heads of state. In the United Kingdom and some other nations, bodyguards must have a license or certification with the SIA , which entails london identification and legal document checks. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, most bodyguards are former or current police officers, or sometimes former army or other authorities company personnel.

If the shopper is transferring about in a fairly managed environment comparable to a personal golf course , which has restricted entrances and exits, the safety element might drop down to one or two bodyguards, with the other bodyguards monitoring the entrances to the ability, the vehicles, and remaining involved with the bodyguards escorting the client.

In nations the place the top of state is a army leader or dictator, the chief's bodyguards might also be part of an elite military unit Such was the case with the Somatophylakes in Macedon , Schutzstaffel in Nazi Germany , the previous Iraqi Particular Republican Guard , or the Praetorian Guard within the Roman Empire , Varangians of the Byzantine Empire , or the Housecarls of the English Monarchs.