7 Important Focus Areas Of Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

7 Important Focus Areas Of Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

Six decades have passed since independence of India, and the country is still struggling in the mode of a developing nation. Issues like infighting and corruption are depriving the nation of basic development. Nevertheless, there have been various attempts by the central and state government to address such issues. For every nation, its development depends on the development of the entire population and not just for a faction. As of now, the rural people are shunted out from the mainstream due to various reasons.

In order to put them on track various ongoing and upcoming rural development programmes in Odisha are extremely helpful. The key areas whose course correction are much needed are described in the following.

1.    Healthcare – When compared with urban population, the rural health in Odisha is not very impressive. Since, people are accustomed with poor nutrition and lack of health care facilities, the rate of improvement is on the low. Setting up of rural health camps or minimum equipped medical health centers can resolve the problem by a good margin.

2.    Sanitation – Worst hygienic conditions lead to various diseases and some of them are highly life-threatening as well. It’s still found that people urinate and defecate in the open due to lack of toilets. Building of toilets is a huge contributing factor to improve the rural health in Odisha. The government programmes, CSR initiatives and NGOs have helped in a great manner to address the above.

3.    Water – Apart from the above, impure water also causes various diseases. Just like mentioned above, open defecation carries bacterial stimulants to cause diseases. Water body treatment and clean water supplies, hygienic sanitations and practices helps recover rural health in Odisha in a huge way.

4.    Infrastructure – There is an immense requirement of infrastructure development in the rural areas. And it should truly encompass the overall development, including laying of roads for connectivity, electricity and buildings. Various companies have stepped forward for rural development programmes in Odisha by taking CSR initiatives to develop the infrastructure.

5.    Education – Imparted quality education sustains till the end of life. Every child must be educated to craft their own future. For that reason, many CSR initiatives have supported schools in the rural areas, built new schools, awarded scholarships to meritorious students, provided schooling accessories to teachers and students, etc.
Common people’s contribution is also highly required apart from development programmes. This helps in overall development through people-to-people collaboration.