Check Engine Light: Reason to be concerned?

Imagine driving as time goes on and suddenly your check engine light occurs. Can it be cause of immediate concern? Should you pull over and call a tow truck?

Not really.

So what on earth Does My Check Engine Light Mean?
While there are plenty of reasons the check engine light comes on, many are not serious. Best of all, diagnosing the problem is easy. When investing in for a mechanic, they could manage a check engine light diagnosis to find the problem.

By far the most likely culprit, however, is really a loose gas cap. Most newer vehicles consist of sensors that alert you should your gas cap isn't on tightly enough. It is a simple (and free!) aspect to check and may even easily solve the condition. Usually making sure the cap is tightened enough to listen to it "click" twice adequate solve the problem. It might take a minute or two for your light in order to from your dashboard.

Let's say That does not Work?
If tightening the gas cap doesn't resolve the situation, it can be safe drive an automobile the automobile before you can get to your mechanic (unless the car has obvious problems including smoking, overheating, or losing oil pressure).

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