Billion Dollar Campaign

Billion Dollar Campaign - Mobile Marketing Today

Mobile marketing generally describes marketing on or using a mobile phone, such as a cellular phones, tablets, or laptops. It is often user-initiated and user-controlled, and requires the express consent of the user to receive future communications,. That's one of the unique features of mobile marketing. Approximately 4.6 billion cell-phones exist globally, compared to 1.1 billion computers. Cellular phones currently outnumber TV sets by over 3 to 1, and PC based online users by over 4 to 1, and the total desktop and laptop PC population by nearly 5 to 1. Therefore, it is tough to ignore this trend as a means of generating revenue for the business or perhaps for yourself.

Text Messaging For Business

Text messaging, also referred to as Short Message Service (SMS), has been doing use since approximately 1992, and is limited to 140 bytes per message, or about 160 characters inside the English alphabet. SMS is popular in Europe, Asia (though in Japan SMS has been largely superseded by mobile internet email), the United Australia, States and New Zealand, and is also growing in popularity in Africa. About 3.5 billion texts are sent everyday.