How to send faxes without a faxing machine

It is the 21st century, the age of technological revolution and innovation has come upon us. With the invention and discovery of so many technologies that are somehow integrated into our daily lives, it would be a very common thing to think about what things from the old were improved in this century. Today, I will be talking about what we have done with mass fax machines.

After the integration and introduction of many methods of communication such as email and long distance telephone calls, you may think that few people would use fax broadcast as a form of communication. However, on the contrary, every single firm and many households have fax machines hooked up to their landlines. Why do you think that they still have fax machines in their houses? They might have to communicate to others and via fax would be a much cheaper method and a more reliable method that does not take much time, unlike snail mail. Some people do not have the luxury of having Internet access at home, so they fully rely on faxing machines for means of communication if a full document is to be sent over like a bulk fax.

Assuming that most firms have Internet access, why would they still want to have fax machines in their offices? It is because they do not know how to send and receive faxes without a faxing machine, and therefore they send out and receive bulk faxing and mass faxing through their heavy and bulky fax machine.

Why go through fax broadcasting when you could easily send over the information by email? The rationale behind the fax machine is that the process of sending over the information is much more secure, nobody can intercept the information while it is being transferred by landline. However, that is assuming that the person on the other end is the person that is supposed to be reading the fax information. If it were not the person, then the information would have been leaked already.

There are ways to totally get rid of the faxing machine but still be able to send and receive faxes from fax machines. The easiest way would be to use an online faxing service. For a small fee per month, you get to send and receive multiple faxes depending on how much you pay for your package. But if you think about it, you save the money needed to get a fax machine and the hassle of using a fax machine while doing your fax broadcasting. Other than that, the faxes are all saved online instead of there only being one copy when it is just a normal fax machine.