little beans

little beans - Actually there are a number of ways to make strong black coffee, but not all of them are good for you. One way to help make strong black coffee is always to us a French press coffee maker. An additional way is to use a percolator, third is a cold water method and fourth is surely an espresso maker. For those these ways, use the freshest roasted beans possible.

French press coffee makers enable you let your coffee steep so long as you want. The longer the coffee steeps the stronger the coffee gets. These presses also employ a grind that is certainly slightly larger and chunkier than the regular grind you use along with your drip coffee machine. To find out the difference, you can grind a small amount at a local store. Better still, grind your coffee beans for the amount you need as the beans, once ground, start to deteriorate. If you use a regular grind it will make the coffee taste bitter, not stronger, use a Turkish grind in a press pot as it offers a larger absorption area. Whether steeping for a short period of time or while always pour the water over the beans after it is 190 to 195 degrees.