Keeping Your Business' Network New

Do you remember when the phone company in the Houston area was a diabolical enemy that picked your pockets for every small service they provided? In those days, business telephone service was often ridiculously expensive and just the large, prominent businesses could afford voicemail, conference calling or many convenient features.

New and improved cloud technology transformed VOIP phone systems near Houston to create a competitive landscape that offers lower pricing, more features and better phone services than ever. Today, a large percentage of businesses do not use a telephone company at all. Their business service is delivered by way of the world wide web and is part of their computer network. When communication systems go down, companies contact their Houston IT support tech to handle the issue.

Utilizing computer networking for phone service brings quite a few rewards. First, having every service on one network is easy to maintain. Companies simply call IT consulting companies in Houston, Texas to set everything up. Most IT services close to Houston, TX offer the skills and expertise to integrate phone services onto the current server infrastructure.

One server for information and phone services makes everything more secure. In addition, it also permits integration of networking data with the companies' phone system, bringing email, voicemail and contact information to one platform.

State of the art services are also offered on all business phone systems. Call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls, 3-way calling, faxing services and additional functionality are combined and easy to access.

Finally, phone calls are less expensive than before and are not limited to boundaries on a map. In many instances, the price is the same to talk to someone in Germany as it would to talk to a friend up the street.

Protecting Your System