parachute cord

paracord is manufactured of nylon kernmantle and is the most typically known parachute wire. The "550" refers to its breaking toughness of 550 pounds. It was first utilised by the US navy for not only parachutes, but also in the discipline for fixing equipment straps, replacing damaged boot laces and as rope. Navy grade 550 paracord is composed of a 32-strand braided sheath, with 7 three-strand inner yarns. Professional paracord typically does not have 7 inner yarns or it has 2-strand seven internal yarns rather of 3 strands.

Since of the cord's nylon composition it has some elasticity to it, which can be the two useful or a hindrance, based on how it is utilized. In the 1970's paracord grew to become a common content for whip makers and remains so right now.

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