In a few days on TV (5/155/21)

The NBA and NHL conditions are moving perilously close to the end, but it remains unclear who will emerge as winner. Detroit appears like a huge favorite in the NBA, but virtually such a thing can happen in the NHL.

*All times Eastern.

Friday, Might 1-5

Basketball, Chivas USA at New England (midnight, FSN)

If youre up at midnight o-n a Monday, youll have trouble finding something better than this Major League Soccer fight. MLS may not very entertain the country, but activities are often close and it will stay interesting, if you would like to bet on the game.

Wednesday, May possibly 16

Leaders at Astros (8:05 p.m., local/satellite)

The nonsense must have died down about Barry Bonds because he will have passed Babe Ruth, but that is still an interesting matchup between likely playoff teams. Houstons prospects may be determined by Roger Clemens, nevertheless The Rocket wont be in this series, so Bonds must have plenty going to. In the event people need to learn additional resources on boxing on dvd, we recommend many libraries you might pursue.

Wednesday, Might 17

Basketball Conference Semis (TNT)

In the NBA the conference semifinals are sometimes the most effective line and that could well be true again-this year. Things out west are spacious and just