What is a Website Designer

Answer these:

Nature of the Work:

What kind of work is done in this field (types of tasks, assignments, day-to-day activities)?

What skills are required in this career field?

Who are the major employers in this career field (at least 3 companies/organizations)?

What career-specific publications exist for this career field (i.e. The Wall Street Journal for finance).

What other occupations are closely related to this career field?

Entry Requirements

What level of education is required for someone entering this career field?

What college major(s) is/are recommended for this career field?

What other out-of-class experiences (jobs, internships, student organizations, community service, etc.) would be helpful for someone looking to enter this career field?

Describe the career path in this career field. Is there a linear career ladder, or are there several ways to get into the career?

Rewards & Benefits

What does a typical worker earn in this career field? What factors affect what a worker might earn?

Do people in this career field work independently? In teams? Under close supervision?

What non-monetary rewards or benefits might attract someone to this career field (other than salary/wages/bonuses)

Outlook for the Future

Is this career field predicted to expand or contract in the future?

In what way(s) is technology changing this career field?

What skills might you develop in this career field that could be transferred to another field?