Express your passion

Express your passion

       I believe passion is the force inside that keep us moving. This could be a dream, hobby, lifestyle there's maybe more. Passion is the other person in us that make us whole.  It could be express in our talent, what we do, what we aim or what we really want in life. I, myself discovered the force that pushes me to my limit. I cant even understand those little voice that I am hearing. Until such day I found that passion was kept for years.

     I hide myself for a long time by closing my eyes to reality and shutting my mouth for my voice. It was a darkness moment in my life that I could not even figure out what's going on that I put myself into a box. Till one day I took a cup of coffe and stair at the morning blaze of the sun and suddenly I took a deep breathe. 

    "What's going on?" I asked myself. The fire that is within me was already gone. A fire that putting myself into a right place. "Where I am now?" The more I asked question to myself the more I see myself and feel pity.  I began to look back what I had. I was a passionate dancer, an artist, love to do creative things in every thing. I was able to make a story expressing it to a step, expressing my feelings through sketch, painting and able to innovate my passion in every ways. Everytime I succeed certain things it completes my personality. But it was gone in just a snap.

   Right now its not yet over. I still have time to kindle that fire. And come out to shell once again. I told myself  " I will continue the race."

  For those of you that feels this way take time dont rush. It will not be easy but it will be challenging. Make yourself complete by bringing your passion alive once again.  Dont leave it dying inside of you. Dont allow situations or any obstacles to hinder all those dreams. 

You can make it. I CAN MAKE IT!!!



Nica- Xoxo