He has made it clear to inform

The Annual Salary of Klopp is 10000000 Euros According to the report from German newspaper Bild, Kropp will complete the signing of the contract with Liverpool at noon today British local time, and on Friday noon give a public appearance. According to "Bild", Kropp’s annual salary in Liverpool up to 10000000 euros.In addition, "Bild" also revealed that, in the process of negotiations, finally there are  Cheap Fifa 16 Coins some differences.

First of all, Liverpool hopes that in the team two first coach will be able to remain in office, but Klopp hopes that Zeljko - Buwake and technical analyst Peter - Kravitz can join the team together. Especially Bwak, his relationship with Cyclops is very close, the slag uncle affectionately calls him "the brain". Secondly, Kropp also wants to have the absolute right to speak in the operation of the transfer.

He has made it clear to inform Fenway sports group that he doesn’t want the infamous "transfer operation committee" get involved in  Fifa 16 Coins the work. At the same time, Bild also revealed that klopp had refused the invitation of Tottenham, and when he was young, he was a Liverpool fan.Good news! Big Promotions Never Ever. Come and buy the fastest and cheapest FIFA 16 coins. You can't miss it, absolutely. Hurry up! Buy now!