Two Factors That Make B2B Marketing Special

Two Factors That Make B2B Marketing Special

Business­to­business  (b2b)  marketing  is  different  from  the  business­to­consumer  (b2c) marketing  in  fundamental  ways and  most  certainly  they  have  different  ways  to  market  to  the general  public.  We  must  be  clear  with  definition before  we  explain  further,  b2b  is  about  a company sells their product or service to another company. So b2b marketing is about meeting the needs and expectations of other businesses. In this article, we are going to discuss the two key factors that make b2b marketing different and special from the b2c market. 


We understand that the decision making of b2b buyers are more complicated than in consumer markets.  We  are  going into  detail  to  explain  what  is  the  different  complexity  of  the  decision making unit. For the b2c market, the decision making of households is confined to a small family unit and only involved with one or two people. However, the complexity of the decision making unit  is  far  more  complicated  in  the  b2b  market.  


For  instance,  ordering  low  value  or  low  risk products is usually the responsible of the office junior but to purchase vital products will involve a  large  team  to  make  decision  in  an  extended  period.  In  b2b  markets,  buyers  seek  for  good financial deal and make decision for their company. Production managers want high throughput. Health  and  safety executives  want  low  risk.  These  are  the  fundamentals  need  of  the  b2b consumers. B2B customers do not involve emotions when comes to making decision for their business. 


The b2b products are more complex than consumer products, this is one of thefactor that make b2b marketing special too. Not just the decision making unit is complicated, same things apply to the products and applications in the b2b market. The purchase of a consumer product needs little expertise unlike the purchase of an industrial products often require qualified professional. B2C buyers are not interest in the lengthy and technical details of a product but b2b buyers they need to choose the products that have specific requirements and expert examination.


Perhaps b2b marketers need to educate the target audience with factual information so that they can be concisely conveyed.  Hence,  there  should  be  no  surprise  having  difficulties  to  target  the  b2b markets, so b2b marketers must decide thoroughly for the effective marketing strategy.