Five Things about Faith That You Need to Teach Your Children

Five Things about Faith That You Need to Teach Your Children

Children are curious about words or ideas that are not familiar to them. So, if you talk to them about faith, there is a chance that they won’t understand what you’re talking about. But, letting your children know and understand the value of faith is important. When my younger children ask what faith is about, I tell them in the simplest of ways that it is the strong belief in God even if we have not seen Him yet. Even if I explain it in the simplest way possible, my children’s questions do not stop. This necessitates that I need to find another way to explain the concept to them.


So, I decided to do some research and talk to people and true enough, I found several tips that can be helpful in making children better understand faith.


1. Faith is all about believing even if you have not seen or experienced it yet. Give a good example to your children, something that they can easily relate with. For example, explain to your little girl that faith is like believing in fairies even if they have not shown themselves to you yet. To your little boy, you can explain that faith is like believing in Superman even if you know he is only a TV character.


2. Faith is something that can save you. Let your children know that if they have faith and believe, they will be saved by God. Faith is a gift given by God so that we have something to hold on to even in the most difficult of times. Tell your children that faith in God will help us survive trials in life.


3. As I mentioned earlier, faith is a gift from God. Tell your children that faith was given by God, so that we will always have a connection with Him. And so that He’ll know how we are doing. If we have faith, everything will fall into its rightful place.


4. Faith is equivalent to trust. So, if you have faith in God, you trust Him. Let your children know that they can reach out to God whenever they are having problems at home and in school. If they have faith in God, they won’t have anything to worry about. Their trust in God will bring them closer to safety.


5. Faith is prayer. Tell your children that whenever you pray, you are actually telling God that you trust Him. That you trust Him to keep you safe. You trust Him with all of your life. With faith, prayers are easily answered, because you believe that God will listen to and hear you.   


To help your children develop great faith in God, it is important to:


-Find everyday happenings that you can use as an example of faith.

-Train your children to read the Bible daily. If you need to, read with them. If there are things they do not understand, explain these to them by giving examples.

-Teach them how to write letter prayers to God. Buy a simple journal for them and encourage them to use this for their prayer notes.


The best way to teach children to live by and in faith is to set a good example. This is our responsibility as parents.