From B2C to C2C E­commerce

From B2C to C2C E­commerce

E­commerce is establishing since the Internet has been developed over the past decades. It is an accepted commerce channel for the business­to­business (b2b) and business­to­consumer (b2c) applications. B2C e­commerce need to increase their potential customer base as in there is  a  new  form  of  business  called  consumer­to­consumer  (c2c)  e­commerce. This c2c  e-commerce has just started not a long time ago, so they are facing trust and reputation issues.  


This article will further explain to you what is a c2c e­commerce, challenges that faced and what  kind of solutions can help them to solve their challenges. Recently the  c2c e­commerce has just established  since the Internet is using widely globally. C2C commerce actually can be stated that it is the oldest commerce of all others, but c2c e-commerce  is considered  a  very  new  and  latest  commerce  in  the  world.  However,  there  is  a challenge i the beginning of the c2c e­commerce, the connectivity between the buyer and seller. 


The traditional merchants can do marketing and advertise in variety of media. But eventhough a buyer and seller is connected, both of them can be distant from each other geographically, the trust issue occurred especially when involved with actual monetary transactions. To gain trust for  both  the  buyer  and  seller  is  much  more  complicated  as  compared to  b2b  or  b2c  market. 


Hence,  the  c2c  marketers  need  to  develop  a  feedback­based  reputation  system  to  gain customers trust. It is more convincible and c2c consumers tend to trust online feedback given by peers.


Besides that, C2C e­commerce is questioned by the affordability and reliability of the monetary transactions  between  the buyer  and  seller.  For  this  issue,  it  is  often  to  resolve  with  another trusted  third  party  to  aid  in  the  monetary transactions.  C2C  e­commerce  provides  several payment  methods  and  their  applicability.  The  credit  card  and PayPal  are  the  most  common payment  method  in  the  c2c  e­commerce.  


PayPal  offers  consumers  to  conduct  global transactions  directly  from  bank  accounts.  Nowadays,  the  monetary transactions  is  very convenient for the consumers to make payment online. The online C2C commerce will grow in future with  the  power  of  search  engines  and  develop  this  new  form  of  commerce to be trustworthy in order to be a successful online c2c commerce.