Remodeling with Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood is good for the environment, and it adds character to a space. Wood that still has life left in it can be utilized in various ways, including as boards for floors. While this unique option for flooring is often warm and beautiful, it presents with its own set of rules for installation, which you should know prior to choosing this type of flooring. 

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

One of the primary reasons people choose reclaimed wood is because it is eco-friendly. It’s sustainable and prevents waste when old floors or other boards are removed from homes or other buildings.
Another benefit for choosing reclaimed wood is that it is stronger than virgin wood. Wood from older lumber is much stronger and sturdier than that made of new trees. 

People see a story in reclaimed wood whether it is timber from an old barn or oak slabs from an ancient house or store. The knots, scratches and dents have stories to tell about the people who walked under or on them. 

Using Reclaimed Wood in Floors

No matter what design style you prefer, you can find reclaimed hardwood flooring in Toronto for your home. Lighten or darken the tone on the floors for a modern look. This type of flooring is also ideal for a traditional or rustic design style where you will appreciate the authentic touch. 
Arts & Crafts homes have been popular for some time, and flooring that uses oak or douglas fir are ideal in the living areas. And of course, it fits in well with eclectic design when you combine multiple elements for a distinct look. 

Older wood is often thicker and can hold up to sanding. You can re-stain it in the shade that fits your home. A modern approach is to paint the floors with bold colours such as blue or green. This unique design is a fun way to combine contemporary and traditional. 

Some people appreciate the natural design of reclaimed wood and choose to enhance the texture through distressing. Instead of trying to hide the flaws, they become an intricate part of the design and are even played up. 

Inlays have been added to hardwood floors in Toronto homes with a light border to a dark wood or many other options. Herringbone patterns have also increased in popularity that is popular in modern or historic homes.

Reclaimed wood can be less expensive to buy if it is found locally. On the other hand, it can be more expensive if you have to search for a dealer. However, the floors will most likely last for many decades and you will never need to replace them again. 

If you are interested in using reclaimed wood for the floors in your home, discuss this option with a professional flooring company. They can show you the various patterns and woods to help you make an informed decision based on your needs. No matter what type of wood you choose, having it installed by an expert helps ensure a longer life for your floors. 


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