Laurocapram (Azone)'s role in medicine

From drugs and a large number of clinical trials showed that the skin drug delivery have to be added to the drug penetration Synergist, many drugs are hard to penetrate the skin directly into the affected area. Laurocapram(Azone) is a new high performance penetrating agent Percutaneous absorption of drugs, mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, is a colorless, odorless drug-free bland liquid.
Laurocapram(Azone) added to the formula solubility good lubricity, easy painting exhibition, very little content (0.5%) has very high penetration.
2: according to different formulas,
Laurocapram(Azone) can improve the original drug to a small number of skin penetration 10 times, very easy to use if you need to change the original formula is added directly using.
Laurocapram(Azone) compatibility, and a variety of cations, anions processes, compatibility of non-ionic surfactants are very easy.
Laurocapram(Azone) itself is a non-ionic surfactant, is also an anti-inflammatory agent, for Candida albicans, Gram positive bacteria and bacterial spore has a strong inhibitory effect.
Laurocapram(Azone) on various new water or hydrophobic drugs have strong enhancers, compatible with most Western medicine without taboos.
6: pharmaceutical grade
Laurocapram(Azone) can be used for antibiotics, hormones, vitamins, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, anti-cancer drugs, used in the preparation of emulsions, creams, suppositories, films, such as cream, liniment, can significantly improve drug efficacy and reduce the dosage and side effects
Laurocapram(Azone) at the time of treatment can reduce the main drugs and expensive and toxic side-effects the amount of pharmaceutical ingredients, a significant reduction in production costs, and some have even decreased more than 50%.