Evaluation of innovation path LED display applications

 LED show has been widely employed in numerous industries, with all the LED chip material is reasonably mature and stable, creating the LED show applications have much more possibilities. Here, the compact series and we discuss on the LED show applications innovation and trends.(vms trailer)


 Very first, the application of innovation


 Initial, there is certainly the overall path of technological innovation LED display applications sector, mainly concentrated in the significant screen intelligent handle, high-density show new goods, unique heterosexual LED display applications engineering design and style, LED show application development solutions and product reliability, energy saving, . LED chip material for consistency in terms of wavelength, antistatic potential have produced new demands. Meanwhile, in the driver chips, LED packaging technologies and also other specifications are also increasing.


 Secondly, the high density fine pitch LED display indoor and outdoor applications market place continues to expand, to become the new marketplace growth, especially in high-density indoor LED display dot pitch. Market improvement, Tong Pu Technologies has introduced a small spacing Outdoor SMD LED show screen --LED poles. With all the advent of P1.0 solutions, indoor high density dot pitch LED display screen in the conference presentations, internal information display applications well-liked pro-Lai, has begun to replace a few of the standard indoor show merchandise. These applications overall reliability and stability in the program put forward greater needs.


 Finally, there are actually massive holdings of safety, surveillance and command and control center applications, indoor high density dot pitch items to replace regular DLP or LCD product, you also really need to address the high gray-scale handle beneath low brightness, low Pixels out of manage price, higher reliability pixels, video image processing and intelligent player, massive screen pixels in combination with other show troubles.


 These issues require the chain of collaborative innovation, application specifications, technology close cooperation, joint development of associated technologies to resolve bottlenecks.


 Second, the development trend


 1, full-color, high-definition show, intelligent and network handle. Indoor show primarily to the full-color, higher density dot pitch and the path of development, is anticipated to continue on a larger scale alternative to standard display products. Primarily to significant outdoor display location, high-definition technology, unique goods and engineering design improvement, the greater extent to meet the many wants of outside display applications. (EN12966)


 2, the basic technical standardization, diverse application specifications, product style personalized. Specialization progressively clear, the sector chain collaborative innovation, multi-industry collaboration to market. Enterprises spend more focus to differentiated goods, marketplace segments focus, build brand connotation, boost core competitiveness.


 3, show systems engineering, multi-technology, multi-system integration of specialized solutions. Facing increasingly complex system applications, application sector from a single display to display products supply systems engineering building and development. Show systems for specialized industry applications, services and technology market wants protection solutions might be an important development path in the industry.


 Third, the summary


 LED show application development market is generally driven by the upstream LED chip material, from monochrome display, dual color show to full-color show, is displayed by the LED chip material industrialization led industrial development applications. In current years, together with the LED chip material is comparatively mature and stable, LED display applications innovation should really concentrate on marketplace demand.