Everything You Should Know About Quartz Countertops

Do you know which countertop material rules the kitchen industry these days; Granite, Metal, Eco-friendly material? The answer is "none of them". Surprised? You should be. For years, you must have been dreaming of granite countertops, but what would you find in the all the showrooms when you finally managed to plan a kitchen redo? The answer is "Quartz".

What is Quartz?

Also known as Cultured-Stone, Quartz is an engineered stone countertop. Quartz countertops are actually manmade surfaces created with the help of stone chunks mixed with coloring and resins. Don't get confused with natural quartz or quartzite as both of them are solid-stone materials.


According to National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) report, quartz is now the leading kitchen countertop material surpassing granite in 2014. If you still not agree, take a look at the showrooms in Calgary. You'll find a wide range of quartz countertops all over the place, and empire stone is the best in the business when it comes to quartz countertop Calgary.

Here is a list of materials that were most commonly specified by kitchen renovation services and designers, in 2014.

" Quartz tops the list 88% availability

" Granite was found on 83% showrooms

" Marble was present in 43% of the places

" Solid surface was available in 43% countertop showrooms

" Butcher block had 35% presence while other wood material was present on 29% of the showrooms.

" Recycled countertops had 22% availability

" Stainless steel was viewed at 17% stores

" Concrete was sold by 13% stores

" Glass and Tile were available in 11% and 6% stores respectively.

If you still wonder granite is the better option, refer to the following benefits quartz offer over granite.

Advantages of Quartz Material Over Granite

Some major advantages of Quartz over Granite stone include;

" It is comparatively better resisting stains

" Unlike granite, quartz material can withstand acidic foods without needing to be sealed

" While granite shows vulnerability to scratches, sharp knives and chips, quartz is better in this regard.

" Granite requires extraction and further processing, but quartz is greener as it is made from the waste. It doesn't require expensive machinery for mining. It also reduces shipping cost.

If you're a perfectionist, this material might disappoint you with its consistent and uniform patterns that fail to pull off the real stone looks. However, recently, there have been some developments in this regard and the manufacturers have found ways to add that irregularity in stones, in order to mimic the natural granite and marbles.

How Much Does It Cost?

According to the retailers of Calgary quartz countertops, the total cost of purchasing and installing Quartz countertop is around $90 per square foot. Granite material costs about $80 while marble costs $95. Today when the world is thinking of transitional products that connect us with our past and opens the window into the future, Quartz countertops offer perfect blend of traditional and ultra modern elements. With all good features, Quartz material can be the perfect choice for your kitchen.