Introduction of Launch X-431Diagun III

1. Introduction of
X-431Diagun III is really a diagnostic tool particularly designed and produced for automotive maintenance specialists, which could communicate directly with DBScar set up in the automobile for diagnosis. Time-saving, effective diagnostic functions, fast and convenient online improving and integrated multi-function connector are maintenance technicians' preferences. X-431Diagun III may be the standard tool for automotive maintenance specialists.
X-431Diagun III Tool
X-431Diagun III includes X-431Diagun III oral appliance DBScar package. X-431Diagun III oral appliance DBScar package supports wireless connection and wired connection for diagnosis.
2. Options that come with X-431Diagun III
1, Bluetooth technology for wireless communication. The diagnostic tool can identify two automobiles concurrently.
2, Compact and effective universal 16PIN standard connector
3, 4.3 ' high-brightness and-definition color LCD touch inductive screen
4, 10 m of Bluetooth wireless communication, will also support wired communication.
6, High-capacity 1G memory
7, Fully inherited the diagnostic abilities of X-431, can test just about all domestic automobiles along with a varity of automobiles in Asia, Europe, the U . s . States
8, One-key improving of software
9, 3800 mAh rechargeable battery, sustainable use in excess of 10 hrs
Functions of X-431Diagun III
1, Bluetooth technology to attain wireless connection and knowledge exchange, will also support wired diagnosis.
2, Can be used as diagnosis and knowledge analysis of two automobiles simultaneously
3, Touch inductive input, fast and simple to function
4, externally linked to standard USB-interface printer to print real-time diagnostic results
5, Interface design more humane with better experience
6, Just about all domestic automobiles and imported automobiles in Asia autel, Europe and also the U . s . States could be examined
7, large capacity TF card in order to save real-time diagnostic results
8 Autel Maxivideo MV201, 3800 mAh rechargeable battery, sustainable use in excess of 10 hrs
9, Multi-language, internationalized
Effective diagnostic functions
1, Read version information of ECU
2, Actuator test
3, Read freeze frame data
4, Read data stream
5, Read and obvious code
6, Resetting and services information interval warning light
7, Special functions for example programming of immobilizer and remote secrets
Supports multi-language, internationalized
X-431Diagun III supports multiple-language, including British, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, The Spanish language, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. to offer the internationalization from the product.
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