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Valentino Online The Sahara desert is a vast subtropical desert stretching across Northern Africa through the countries of Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and the Western Sahara territory. In total, it spans approximately 3,513,529 square miles and is one of the biggest deserts in the world, after the polar deserts. The Sahara is unique as it is made up of both sandy areas and rocky, mountainous areas. It can be travelled across through a variety of tarmac roads along the coastlines of Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania.

Valentino Shoes Namib is a cool ,coastal desert, its territory spanning through the countries of Namibia and Angola. It spans approximately 31,274 square miles and is both one of the driest and one of the oldest deserts in the world. An interesting feature of the Namib desert are its sand dunes, located in the southern region. They are the highest standing sand dunes in the world, some reaching as high as 985 feet. The sand dunes are accessible to visitors by gravel road, as well as a free parkandshuttle service.

The Arctic Desert is a polar desert and is the secondlargest desert in the world, after the Antarctic Desert. It spans 5,289,599 square miles, with territory in the United States (Alaska), Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Arctic is a desert because its extremely cold climate causes it to receive very little, or sometimes no, precipitation during the year. This region is very remote and hard to reach, but its southern edges, such as its territory in Alaska, northern Scandinavia and parts of its territory in Greenland and Russia, can be accessed by road.

Deserts in the Southern Hemisphere

A lack of precipitation due to climatic factors characterizes the deserts of the world. These factors include the drying and stabilization of.

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The Gobi is one of the world largest deserts, encompassing southern Mongolia and northern China. Although there are sandy areas in the.