Three Great Places You Should See In New York With A New York Bus Charter

Are you thinking about a city where you can spend your time touring around in the company of your family, friends and loved ones? If you are considering the East Coast then you have to know that there are many cities there which are known to be excellent travel destinations. New York is definitely one of the best places that you should not dare miss. It’s in fact a great place where many sites and attractions are housed, allowing you to realize a tour that’s truly exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. With the aid of a New York Bus Charter, you can have the opportunity to visit many of these sites and places which include the following – three of the best destinations every tourist should see and experience in the city of New York:

The Central Park

Do you have a strong liking with nature? If you do then Central Park is definitely the right place for you.  Located at the mid-upper Manhattan, this urban park is simply one of the most visited places here in the city of New York. This 778-acre park was made open to the public sometime in 1857 and has become a favorite spot by people who work on publications and film. Truly, a visit to NYC will never be complete unless you spend a few hours contemplating with the nature and people around in this park.

The Times Square

If you love the glitz and the glam of a particular place, Times Square is an excellent place to be. This is actually a principal commercial neighborhood that spans from the 42nd Street to 47th Street, giving you a whole lot of chance to experience the glittering characteristics of the city. Here, you can stay up late at night without any worries because this is the part of the city which seems to be daytime even during the night.

The Empire State Building

If you love climbing higher and higher then this is the best attraction that you should see and experience in New York City. This building is indeed the highest in all of New York, giving every passenger the opportunity to have a great view of the entire city landscape of NYC at its best. Tickets are sold to avoid the long line of waiting visitors and to expedite your ascend atop of the building.

Be able to reach and see these cool sites and attractions when you hire a New York Bus Charter for your upcoming group tour.

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