One Shoulder Dresses: Know When to Wear Them

While the one shoulder dress has been in fashion for a couple of decades, it has still managed to retain the freshness and stunning unexpected look. This is a dress that is in style throughout the seasons¡ªfrom fall to the summer.

Nevertheless, there are some useful basics about wearing the one shoulder dress that you need to observe so that you remain chic and in season.

Don¡¯t try covering it up

The whole point or essence of the single shoulder attire is to show off or display your gorgeous shoulders. As such, there ought to be no valid reason why you should try to cover up that bare shoulder using other clothing like a cardigan. This is also one major factor why these one shoulder dresses are particularly appropriate for the seasons that are warmer.

Never interfere with the dress neckline

The secret to your looking chic when dressed in this style is to always keep the dress neckline sleek. So play up your shoulders and neck; scrub and exfoliate the skin to give it that glow.

In itself, the one shoulder is a fashion statement already; so avoid bringing in accessories that will tend one shoulder dresses to give competition to your neckline! Instead, go for chic earrings, a cocktail ring or bangle bracelets.

The right hairstyle

The best thing about one shoulder dresses is that any hair up-do perfectly completes the outfit. You can select a tight chignon for that sophisticates and elegant look, or if you desire a sweeter look, go for a soft bun. If you love having your hair down, it¡¯s good to make sure that it lies in front of the strapped shoulder and behind the exposed shoulder.

One shoulder dresses for the day

The single shoulder dress is not only ideal for day ceremonies but they are also apt for that casual day out. Get the one shoulder outfit in bright cheerful colours, either maxi or very short. They are best worn with flat sandals or some strappy colourful wedges. You could try the new trend of asymmetric shoulders lengths.

Dressing for the evening

For that glamourous evening, you will never go wrong when you make your grand entrance in a full gown. However, if you want something a bit more restrained, then instead try a short dress that is nicely embellished by sequins. One shoulder dresses in chiffon are awesome when you step out in high heels.

Bottom Line

Follow the above simple fashion handy dressing tips and you will have mastered how to wear one shoulder dresses. You will surely stand out both during a casual day out or an elegant evening outing. Let it flow and never force it onto your body. Look for what completes your body shape and go for it.