sky3ds support 3DS /New3DS v10.2.0-28

Play only 3ds or ds game via flashcart is outdated, want to knonw how we can play multiple mode games with 1 or 2 flashcarts? Which is the best combination for playing 3DS, NDS, GBA and SNES games in the market? You can find 3 hottest flashcarts for 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games here for 3ds/3ds xl/new 3ds console even with the latest 10.2 firmware. They are Sky3ds, R4i 3ds and Dstwo plus.
Sky3ds supports 3ds games on 3ds xl v10.2 and R4 card supports ds games on 3ds v10.2. They both can work on older firmwares to run 3ds and ds roms separately.

Sky3ds for 3ds game: This card runs downloaded 3ds roms on 3ds,new 3ds and 2ds consoles. Whatever you have US, JP, EU or other version 3ds family handhelds, you can use sky3ds on them to play multi 3ds games. The multi-rom means you can put many 3ds roms into micro memory sd card for sky3ds. Then, sky3ds can run them on Nintendo 3ds console one by one. Users just pay for one card to play over 100 3ds games! Besides this, sky3ds supports eshop access, play online, game update, download DLC at the same time. It is working on 3ds firmware liking a genuine 3ds card, so the ban thing is no need to worry! If you have 3ds v9.3 to v10.2 or you want to choose the safest flashcart for your Nintendo 3ds xl console, no other card but sky3ds is the one.

R4 card for ds game: R4 card is a group of ds game supported flashcards with R4 title. The hot items like r4i sdhc 3ds, r4i gold 3ds, r4isdhc 2015 and r4i gold eu 3ds all are the cheap and well-used ds rom hacking cards for both 3ds and dsi firmware. Their compatibility is awesome! The above R4/R4i cards when are installed with newest kernel supports 3ds 10.2.0 and dsi 1.45 without any issues. So if you buy one R4 card, you can play DS games on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS and DS/DSI/DS Lite handhelds. What’s more, R4 3ds card(due to the 3ds firmware compatibility, being called R4 3DS as well) can do something more than you imagine. They are bringing you Free Emulators, Apps and Multi-media functions with the bottom price from $10 to $18!

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