Top Destinations For Adventure Travel in Morocco

Using a wonderful climate, an abundant heritage, an abundance of antiquities, over 1800 km of dramatic coastline, the top peaks, villages and picturesque valleys from the Atlas Mountains along with a vast Saharan wilderness of desert dunes, oases and camels - there's an adventure of some sort or other for everybody within this fabled land.
With its rich traditions, time quickly has another dimension. Morocco is really a area for escape, for experience, for adventure, for revitalisation and for reconnection having a lifestyle fast disappearing in the planet. Here you will an abundance of adventure travel experiences that range between winter trekking to 4wd desert adventures and horseback riding within the breathtakingly beautiful Atlas Mountains.

Several of my favorite destinations for adventure Morocco vacation:
1. The prime Atlas Mountains - Located in central Morocco, The prime Atlas Mountains, also called the Grand High Atlas, are the biggest mountain range in North Africa. The location boasts a few,167 metre peak Toubkal that may be ascended on foot. The Central High Atlas offers its visitors magnificent gorges, valleys and canyons. Typically the most popular are the Todra and Dades Gorges. Mountaineering and trekking are quite popular during these areas. The Eastern High Atlas contains other peaks that tackle that of Jebel Toubkal. Both Jebel Ayachi and Jebel Saghro offer some amazing hiking. Extreme skiers frequent the area during winter to be able to take pleasure in the difficult terrain and opulent views with the surrounding countryside.
2. The Sahara Desert - Isolation and wilderness, vast-open spaces, palm-lined oases, desert wildlife, surreal scenery, nomadic people, camels and quite often remarkable volcanic vistas a few of the attractions the Sahara holds for that traveller who takes time to journey there. 4WD desert exploration, camel trekking safaris, desert walks and trekking, quad biking and dune boarding are activities enjoyed in Morocco's Sahara desert.
3. Dades Gorge - Carved within the centuries through the Dades River, the Dades Gorge is currently an increasingly popular place to go for travellers attracted from the sheer beauty of the scenery. With red and mauve rock towering over the road, fig and almond trees, lush gardens, Ksour and Kasbahs - the appeal of this natural panorama is clear. Over a Dades Gorge journey start to see the kasbah at Ait Youl, Ait Oudinar's Sunday market, and please take a 4WD from the gorge pursuing the piste leading into Todra Gorge.
From mountains to abandon Morocco has a charm which brings travellers back repeatedly.

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