Temozolomide: The Ultimate Practicality!

An expedient route for the synthesis Axitinib melanoma of libraries of diversely decorated 2-aminopyrimidine-5-carbonitriles Temozolomide secondly is reported. This method is based upon a three-component reaction followed by spontaneous aromatization.
A method involving a Mannich-type multi-component assembly method followed by a one,3-dipolar cycloaddition is developed to the rapid and productive development of parent heterocyclic scaffolds bearing indole and isoxazolidine rings. These important intermediates had been then readily elaborated using well-established protocols for refunctionalization and cross-coupling to entry a varied 180-member library of novel pentacyclic and tetracyclic compounds associated with the Yohimbine and Corynanthe alkaloids. A number of other new multicomponent assembly processes have been formulated to accessibility dihydro-beta-carboline-fused benzodiazepines, pyrimidinediones, and rutaecarpine derivatives.