A Thorough And Honest Review of bodHOST Dedicated Server Hosting

As a Webmaster, you should understand the importance of choosing the best hosting company. If you fail to make the right decision, you will regret it terribly in the future and will want to kick yourself repeatedly. Although there are some excellent hosting providers, it would be a major mistake to ignore bodHOST. This company is truly one of a kind and will deliver a surprising performance, which will never fail to impress.

Two Options

Although bodHOST offers traditional hosting, their innovative approach to Cloud hosting is very impressive. They offer a wide variety of traditional services, which should be more than sufficient for almost everyone. If you want to utilize a public cloud or a hybrid cloud, you should definitely check out this company today.

Customer Service

When choosing a hosting provider, it is absolutely imperative to make sure that you take customer service into account. This feature can truly make or break the deal. With bodHOST, this will never be a problem. The company offers lightning fast response times and their live chat option is great. The staff is very knowledgeable and they’ll be able to solve any problems that arise quickly.

Impressive Uptimes

Every company promises to deliver 99.9% uptime, but few actually live up to that guarantee. bodHOST comes pretty dang close. Whether you choose a traditional type of hosting or opt for the innovative Cloud, your site will load quickly and downtimes will be minimized!

bodHOST Dedicated Server Hosting Review

When it comes down to it, this company couldn’t be better. Although most of our time was spent with their dedicated server hosting, the company most likely excels in other areas, as well. Their uptime is great, their customer service is unparalleled and the prices are affordable. What isn’t there to like? Be sure to check them out further today!