Writing Dates and Time in Spanish

Studying Spanish can be effortless if yo have the publish instructor. Listed here are number of examples of how to find out to create dates and moments in Spanish.

Helpful Ideas WHEN Writing TIME IN SPANISH

When speaking, times in Spanish are provided in AM/PM type (but declaring de la mañana (morning), de la tarde (afternoon), de la noche

(night/night time) or de la madrugada (late evening) to distinguish amongst AM and PM. On the other hand, in most countries occasions are

rendered in 24-hour structure, with a colon separating hrs andminutes: nine o'clock AM nueve de la mañana (spoken: noo-WEH-vay day la mahn-YAH-nah), 9:00 (composed)

twelve:30 PM

doce y media de la mañana (spoken: DOH-say ee Could-dee-yah working day la

mahn-YAH-nah), 12:thirty (created)

1 o'clock PM

una de la tarde (spoken: OOH-nah day lah TAHR-day), 13:00 (written)
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