3 Things to Consider Before Sending Your Dog to Kennels

Do you have any pets? Is it a dog? Do you love him? Do you believe in the phrase “a dog is a man’s’ best friend”? No? Have they become a part of your family? Are they like a family member to you? Wait…! Are you working? Do you have a job? Or are you retired? Do you work from home? Or do you have to work in shifts? Or perhaps you are at home looking after you own family and house chores?

Does all of that exhaust you? Are you not able to give quality time to your pet? Are you having trouble training them? Why don’t you consider sending you pet to Stouffville dog boarding?? There are many farcicality centers that are willing to provide day care services for dogs and as well as have the boarding facilities at many Stouffville dog resort.

One of such places is rosewood pet resort. Organization such as these have online websites so to assist and give you an easy access for example; http://www.rosewoodpetresort.com

These Stouffville boarding kennels have all sorts of training programs in them. They also entertain and encourage their clients to drop their pets in case they are leaving town for any reason and for as long as they have to. It may be for the purpose of a business trip or vacations or an emergency.

Facility centers like Stouffville boarding kennels are the kind of service provider that are ready to help you in any way possible when it comes to your pet. They also have a pick and drop facility to ease you with any trouble.

However, before you decide to send your pet to a boarding, there are 3 most important things you as the owner should consider. As drastic changes in your pet’s environment and surrounding may affect his nature and can cause behavioral issues.

1. Frequently visit the resort/hotel

Make sure that before you are to drop your dog (s) to any of the Stouffville kennels that you take you dog to visit that place a week before frequently. It is important to do so in order to get them familiarize with the place.in this manner they won’t have to move in a strange place without you. They would know the place and their hotel. This will make the process of adjusting for your dog comparatively easier and so would it relax your nerves.

2. Put on a happy face

Pets imitate and are very sensitive to the emotions being displayed. They can sense really quick if something in the environment is just not right. This can also affect them and become sad. So while you are leaving make sure that you have a happy face on in order to communicate to your dog that everything is as it should be.

3. Touch of home

When you decide to put your dog to a boarding kennel Stouffville, they are going to give your pet an accommodation. Make sure that you bring in stuff from your home so to give you dog a feel of home. It can’t be what it feels like home but certainly close to it. Bring in his favorite toy, his bedding etc.

Special food and treatment

There is always something favorite when it comes to food. Use it as an incentive of living there at the kennel. And request the boarding kennel staff to feed him in his own containers. That should do the trick. Nothing feels better when you eat your favorite food in your favorite plate.