4 Taekwondo Techniques You'll Learn Quickly

Have you been bullied in past? Do you face people who use to beat you so that you don't raise your voice in front of them? Have you been dealing with a person in you school or workplace who threatens to beat you? If your answer is "Yes", you're at the right place to find solutions to your problem.
Bullying is a common practice and people have been dealing with it since ages. While the person doing it, may have gone through bad experiences, his beatings and attacks on you can also cause the same stress and tension. The only way to deal with it is to learn self-defence.
Self-defence is not as difficult as people think. Anyhow, it requires continuity and consistency. And the best form of self-defence that can be learnt quickly is Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a popular martial art having its roots in Korea.
You may need to go to Taekwondo schools in Barrie to master this art, and Barrie taekwondo schools are quite famous for teaching kids too. However, you can start with basic techniques which you can learn and practice without any assistance.
1. Front kick
You can start by learning how to front kick your opponent. Front kick is also known as Mae-geri in native Korean. It is the most common and most basic technique taught to kids. Follow these steps:
" First of all, start in an open fighting stance
" Slide your left foot forward.
" You must change your guard to help your right foot leads up.
" Bring the right knee up, then straighten your leg to snap your foot out.
" Pull the kick back just like you opened it and set your foot down.
" Repeat these steps with your other foot.
2. Roundhouse kick
Second step in learning how to kick, is roundhouse kick. In Korean language, this technique is known as Mawashi-geri. Here's how you should do it:
" Take a left fighting stance
. " Change your guard
" Bring the right knee up across your body.
" You need to twist your left foot (the supporting foot)
" Using your right foot, starting from the front of your body, move it from front to sideways.
" Repeat the same process with your other foot.
The quicker your supporting foot moves, the lethal your roundhouse kick will be.
3. Standard punch
You can learn how the standard taekwondo punch from taekwondo Barrie videos as well. this standard punch technique is the basic technique which is also known as Zuki.
" Begin with the fighting stance. Stand in front facing position
" Make a fist tightly held for impact.
" Thrust it forward. While doing it imagine, you are thrusting it into the solar plexus of your opponent. Or you can target chest as well.
" Pull your fist and repeat the same with other hand.
4. Shoulder throw
This technique is known as Harai-goshi. Follow these instructions
" Hold your opponent's lapel tightly.
" Step across your opponent in order to wind in.
" Bend your knees
" Pull up your opponent's lapel and roll him over your back.